Anthony’s Canalside Restaurant

I had heard of Anthony’s Canalside Restaurant and seen their ads so on a recent beautiful day after I had an especially grueling workday; I decided to drive out to Rotterdam Junction to sit by the canal, enjoy watching the river and have a good meal.
Alas, I was mistaken on all points.
The front of Anthony’s faces a very short, dead end street.  You enter the restaurant and have the choice of going to the left for the “take-out” section or going to the right into the dining area.
I walked into an empty dining room, was immediately greeted by two waitresses, and I asked to sit at a table overlooking the canal. The ladies looked at me as though I were crazy. There are six tables in this dining room and the ones by the window overlook the street. Why on earth would I think I would be able to see the canal?
I sat at a small table in front of an old-fashioned stove that was set in a brick fireplace.  The light pine wood paneling was pretty and I peaked through a doorway to see more tables and a nice-looking bar area.
The menu consisted of pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, several kinds of parmigiana and burgers all in the under $15 price range – most under $10.
While I looked over the menu, my waitress had brought me a basket of bread. There were some interesting “bread sticks”.  They were about an inch thick and four inches long and soft and garlicky. I had an idea, and my waitress confirmed, that it was the pizza dough rolled out in squares, covered with garlic and seasonings, and cut up to sop up your sauce.  They were very tasty.  If they had been served warm, they would have been sensational.
Since I was treating myself, I decided to have the steak pizziola. This was a 16 oz. NY strip covered with onions and peppers. At $17.95, it was the most expensive dish on the menu.
Dinners come with soup or salad and I decided to be good and have a salad. It was a cereal sized bowl of iceberg lettuce, a tiny bit of shredded carrot and red cabbage with some onion slices and black olives.
Also included was a side of pasta. Unfortunately, the rigatoni was overcooked and the sauce was tasteless.
My much anticipated steak was served with vegetables on the plate. A vegetable medley. Frozen peas, carrots, corn and green beans. Cooked so much that the peas were shriveled. I’ll give credit that someone in the kitchen had put some seasoning on them to zip it up but, frozen vegetables are frozen vegetables.
The travesty was the steak. I ordered it “medium” and what was served was very “well done”.  When I told my waitress the meat was not what I ordered, her response was, “I’ll tell the chef”. Well, the chef may have been told, but absolutely nothing was done about it.
When I left, I asked if I could get a take out menu.  I was told they didn’t have menus I could take out. I went next door to the take out section, waited 5 minutes at the counter while two staff people ignored me and when a lady finally appeared and I asked for a take out menu, she also looked at me like I was crazy.  Why would there be a take out menu in the take out section.
As I went out the door, she called out that she might have menus in about two weeks.
Don’t worry, I won’t be back.

Anthony’s Canalside Restaurant
1 Riverside Dr., Rotterdam Junction
Sun-Thu  11-9
Fri and Sat 11-10

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4 Responses to Anthony’s Canalside Restaurant

  1. Linda Mayer says:

    Absolutely a great place to eat!!

  2. Sandy Hamil says:

    The food is very good. Friendly owner(s) and waitstaff. We love this place and frequent it whenever we can. Prices are good and sauce is Great!!! It’s nice to see a good quality restaurant in a small town! Keep up the good work!

  3. Jim D'Allaird says:

    Well, I think any place can have a bad day once in a while. That being said 99% of the time the food is great and 100% of the time the staff and atmosphere is awesome. We never think twice about going, including tonight!

  4. Mary Roberts says:

    I love Anthony’s. My first visit I started with a takeout pizza which was great and very fresh. I have also taken out salads and subs. My husband and daughters have dined in with me numerous times and have always been happy with our meals and the service as well, Everyone is very friendly there. I especially love their grilled chicken salad and my daughter said their’s was the best burger she has ever had. I go back every chance I get, in fact I will be picking up takeout tonight before heading to Proctor’s rather than fight the crowds and pay the downtown prices for “assembly line food.”

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