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Moon & River Café bills itself as the ”Little Café That Rocks” and that is an apt commentary.  I feel it is less like a café than a friend’s welcoming living room. Nestled on S. Ferry St. in Schenectady’s historic Stockade district it is the place to stop in for a quick cup of tea or a 5 hour stint reading your favorite novel and munching on some delectable tidbit from Moon & River ‘s extensive menu.
Entering into the “L” shaped room, you have your choice of an eclectic mix of tables & chairs, an easy chair or a small couch.  The right hand wall is lined with low bookcases filled with all sorts of reading material.  Help yourself.  The walls are adorned with works from local artists and change periodically. A recent addition to the décor is an autographed photo of movie star Eva Mendes, who was recently in Schenectady filming “ The Place Beyond the Pines”.  She stopped in several times during her 2 month stay in Schenectady.
At the back of the room is a cold case where all the cakes and pies are displayed.
Try the Mayan Chocolate Spice Cake or the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.  YUMMY.
Off to the left are some more tables.
The atmosphere is very casual and stress-free.  Richard, the owner, has the calmest demeanor of anyone I’ve ever met.  The young guys and gals who work at the café are friendly and helpful. Nothing ever feels rushed.  As far as customers go, everyone from students to senior citizens hangs here.

The menu is about 75% vegetarian with many vegan offerings.  Don’t fret you “meat and potatoes” folks, there are ham, turkey, salmon and a dozen chicken dishes to tempt you.
The food is all yummy and healthy and there are so many choices.  The prices are EXTREMELY reasonable.  A starving student could afford to eat here.  English muffin(1.50), bowl of oatmeal (2.00), egg sandwich (2.50), PBJ (2.50), soup (2.50), hummus on pita (3.50).
Breakfast is served anytime.  Get eggs & toast (3.00), omelets (5.00-7.00), French toast (6.50).
For lunch: cold sandwiches (4.00). Try “The Adirondack”, NY cheddar, apple slices, red onion & horseradish mayo or the “Swiss & Pickle” w/ tomato, onion & Russian dressing.
Hot sandwiches are (5.00).  Try the grilled cheese w/ tomato and pesto or the ”Paris Bistro” – grilled ham, Swiss & Dijon.
Burgers are (5.00) but they are veggie, soy beef, tempeh or chicken.
There are 10 healthy salad choices for (6.50).  I love the “Salad Tangier” Lettuce, veggies, apricots, almonds, figs & dates w/ a lemon/olive oil dressing.
Another is the “Mideast Peace Platter” – hummus, feta, Greek olives, fire roasted peppers, veggies & pita bread.
There are many Mexican choices.  Salsa & chips(3.50), burritos (5-6.50), tacos (6.00), nachos (6.00), quesadillas (7.00) and enchiladas (8.00).  Several of the Mexican selections can also be made vegan.
There are 12 chicken  dinner choices and they can be made with real chicken of soy chicken. (6.50 – 9.00) Ginger chicken, curry chicken, Jamaican chicken, chicken schnitzel, chicken marsala, Hawaiian chicken – with veggies, pineapple and coconut, Moroccan chicken – eggplant, zucchini, carrots, cumin seeds, yogurt & pita.
Another favorite of mine is the “African Peanut Stew”.  Steamed veggies, broccoli, carrots, peppers, with peanut gravy.  Delicious and healthy.
The list of beverage choices is extensive. ( 1.00 -2.50) Coffee, cappuccino, mocha coffee, hot cocoa, tea- a vast selection, black, green and herbal, soy milk, vegetable juice, local cider, FRESH OJ, lemonade, Italian sodas, seltzers, sparkling juice, all natural canned sodas, and non-alcoholic beer. Oh, and smoothies and milk shakes.
Something for everyone.

Not only does Moon & River  Café have yummy, delicious & healthy & reasonably priced food and drink, a friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere but they also offer FREE live music every night at 8PM.
That’s right.  Real live musicians & NO COVER. ( But, please remember there is a tip jar for the entertainers).
Several local favorites appear at Moon & River Café and have standing gigs. “Running the River”, “The Anonymous Fig Leaves” and “The Jazzmen”  to name a few.
Every Sunday there is an open mic so come down and hear some up and coming talent or share your own.
Moon & River café. Good food. Good people.  Good time.

Moon & River Café 115 S. Ferry St. Schenectady  518-382-1938
Open daily 9:00 am – 11:00 pm

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  1. Marie Boraski says:

    I think this place sounds wonderful and hope I can stop in the next time I visit the area.

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