Here are Sandwich shops and Delis in Schenectady.

Follow the links for full reviews.

Morrette’s: The King of Steak Sandwich – 1126 Erie Blvd. Schenectady 518-370-0555

Gershon’s Deli: 1600 Union St. Schenectady, NY 518-393-0617

Center Stage Deli: 2678 Hamburg St. Rotterdam, NY 518-355-7791

Ken’s Subs: 435 State St. Schenectady, NY 518-370-2566

Slick’s Restaurant & Tavern: 127 South Ferry St. Schenectady, NY 518-370-0026

Lyle’s Hoagies: 140 Erie Blvd. Schenectady, NY 518-372-3171 and 1707 State St. Schenectady, NY 518-347-2016


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