Where to Eat in Schenectady

“Food, Glorious Food!!!!

What’s your pleasure?

Do you want a big plate of pasta with homemade meatballs or salmon sushi and spring rolls?

Will a veggie burrito hit the spot or is tandoori chicken calling your name?

Do you want grab a quick bite in jeans and t-shirt or dress-up for a fine dining experience?

Are you craving cannoli or baklava?

All of these cuisines are available in Schenectady.

Restaurants, cafes, diners, pizza parlors, hot dog stands, bakeries and food stalls.

We’ll review all the locally owned food establishments to let you know:

Who makes the best marinara sauce?
Where can you get a great burger?
Is there anywhere open at midnight to get a snack?
Where can you take the in-laws for brunch?

In other words…

Where to Eat in Schenectady

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5 Responses to Where to Eat in Schenectady

  1. Paul says:

    Great website! I like to support local resturants and try different types of food and this site conveniently puts it all together. Plus the reviews are really helpful. Ill be looking for the next new resturant on the site!

  2. David Balog says:

    A great Web site for this diverse community. A great way to find hidden gold…and these wonderful eateries are there. My favorites are Joe’s Pizza, Tops, Cannali’s, and the Stockade Inn. Best of luck with this blog. Much needed and easy to use!

  3. Fred Elia says:

    Well-written, clear. A valuable blog for visitors and residents.

  4. Bull says:

    In full agreement with all of the above.
    Refreshingly original and good tips

  5. Marie Boraski says:

    I live in a mecca of nothing so this website makes me want to come home and eat !!

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